*****Star Watch***** “Hippie Tee’s Kitchen” Meet Chef Tee

     The cofounder of Hippie Tee’s Kitchen is Chef Latanya Coutee was born on the west side Chicago, IL. Chef Tee developed an interest in cooking at an early age.

She attended Westinghouse Vocational High School on the west side of Chicago. Chef Tee had the choice of choosing many different majors while attending Westinghouse, so she chose a major in Culinary Arts was the way to go.

There she learned the fundamentals of culinary skills and discovering that cooking was something she was highly interested in, at the age of 16 she had the privilege of visiting Johnson and Wales University College of Culinary Arts in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. When she participated in a citywide high school cooking competition, she had a victorious outcome. Chef Coutee won a honorable full scholarship to any city college in Chicago and also a partial scholarship to Johnson and Wales University in FL. While in high school, Chef Coutee combined her love for cooking with her curious ambition for entrepreneurship, she would bake cookies and cakes for a profit and loved every minute of selling delicious treats and making money.

Chef Tee decided to accept the scholarship from the City Colleges of Chicago and attended Harold Washington College in downtown Chicago.

Although she loved cooking, she allowed the thoughts of family and others to detour her from pursuing a career as a chef. She ended up taking general studies and also some courses in nutrition. She eventually lost interest and begin to work full-time leaving college and her cooking career behind to pursue a career in real estate. In 2007 she passed the state exam and became a licensed realtor. Her love for cooking never left her soul, she became uninterested and also realized that it became too expensive to maintain due to a declining economy.

Throughout all this, Chef Tee has always been the “Go To Cook” when family and friends want to enjoy a scrumptious dish made her way!

Chef Tee never let her dream wither away, so in 2014 she enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu to begin her long awaited career in culinary arts.

The name “Hippie Tee’s Kitchen” came to existence when she met her business partner Blaq Hippie, who is pursuing a career in broadcasting and marketing at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting.

Hippie Tee’s Kitchen caters for all events and parties. Serving you best American fast food and has a very unique “Creole” style of soul food………… #BonAppetit!

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