5 Year Old Boy Finds Cell Phone in Starbucks Bathroom


Authorities are investigating a cell phone discovered in the women’s bathroom at a Starbucks in Lancaster, California. Reports that a woman notified Starbucks employees immediately after her five-year-old son saw a cell phone rigged up by paper towels underneath the bathroom sink with the lens faced toward the toilet. “He said ‘Mommy why is there a phone under there?'” the woman recalls,  “My skin kind of began to crawl.”

The sheriff’s deputies say they have retrieved the phone and confirmed that it was recording at the time the 5 year old saw it. Police have also gathered surveillance footage from the location and are reviewing the tape. Starbucks employees at the scene did not want to comment on the incident; however, the anonymous mother says the shop took the creepy discovery very seriously.

This isn’t the first time customers — even five-year-olds — have discovered cameras in Starbuck bathrooms. In 2011, a Virginia man filed a lawsuit against Starbucks after his five-year-old daughter found a camera in the bathroom of a Washington coffee shop location. If that’s not enough, last year, a North Texas man was arrested for installing cameras in multiple Dallas-Ft. Worth restaurants and cafes including a Starbucks. We live in a sick world! Be careful and watch your surroundings.

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