Playas Harmonize Their Actions with the Way Life Is

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Playas don’t try to make their own rules.
Conduct yourself in all matters, grand and public or small and domestic, in accordance with the laws of nature. Harmonizing your will with nature should be your utmost ideal. 
Where do you practice this ideal? In the particulars of your own daily life with its uniquely personal tasks and duties. When you carry out your tasks, such as handling life responsibilities, do so – to the best of your ability – in harmony with nature. When you take on a project, do so – to the best of your ability- in harmony with nature, and so on. 
It is not so much what you’re doing as how you are doing it. When we properly understand and live by the principle, while difficulties will arise- for they are part of the divine order too- inner peace will be possible. 

#HippieMovement #BHRE #ProductOfChicago 

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