Playas Don’t Make A Show Of What They Have….

More offensive to boost your social position than your qualifications, to make yourself the central figure is to make yourself envied, and one should have enough of hate. Deference is the less likely to be gained, the harder it is pursued, for respect depends upon others; and so one cannot snatch but only merit it, and wait: large offices demand distinction in their exercise, without which they are not worthily administered, therefore maintain in them the dignity necessary to the proper discharge of their obligations: not insisting upon respect, but yourself compelling it, for all who trade upon their offices, show that they do not merit them,and that they are not big enough for honor; if you would be important, let it be through the excellence of your talents, rather than through your position; for even a King should be worshipped, more because of his qualifications, than because of the accident of his birth.

BHRE Song Of The Day


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