Rapper Young M.A. Not Welcome In Chicago, After She Made A Joke About A Murdered Gang Member

Rapper Young M.A is in a lot of trouble. Multiple street sources  from Chicago are upset over some words she laid down during a recent freestyle on Power 99, a Philadelphia radio station.
Young M.A spit a freestyle on Cosmic Kev’s Come Up show, a  PARTICULAR line that she had said, caught the attention of the Chicago streets. Young M.A said, “I smoke hookah like it’s Tooka blowing jet clouds/And I only get high to bring the stress down.”

Shondale “Tooka” Gregory, was a Chicago teen who was shot and killed while standing at a bus stop in Chicago few years back.
Tooka is known in the rap world because he and his clique Tooka Gang were seriously dissed by Chief Keef on the songs “3Hunna” and “John Madden.” The tracks caused an issue between Keef and fellow Chi-Town rapper Cash Out who was cool with Gregory.
Well Chicago rapper King Yella recently took to Instagram and offered up money for any “dyke” that is willing to run M.A’s fade.
“Ima pay a dike bi*ch too whoop @hennynhoes since the lil boy girl wanna smoke hooka like it’s tooka,” he captioned a video of himself holding a stack of cash and putting the word out.
Another associate of Tooka’s made the same offer on Twitter. “I Ain’t Tryna Beef Wit No Female But Somebody Better Tell Her Watch Her fu*king Mouth And Kno Wat She Saying Before My Dike Cousin Beat Her,” he typed.
M.A has yet to respond on social media.

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