Does Game Have A Point When It Comes To Big Baller Brand vs Jordan Brand? Has Some Logic, But Leaves Room For Debate.

Compton rapper The Game shared Wednesday on Instagram that he had purchased four pairs of the Big Baller Brand ZO2 sneakers. You know, the ones with the $495 price tag. Not only did Game buy four pairs for his son and their friends, he pledged to buy 10 more pairs for kids who couldn’t afford them. His reasons, long and laced with vulgarity are entirely valid. Game explains that he brought the shoes to show support for a new brand and upcoming star. He also calls out the hypocrisy of people who have no problem giving hundreds (and thousands) of dollars to a luxury brand, but complaining over the price in the instance of this family business.

“Funny how niggas will go & buy Gucci flip flops for $300-400 with no complaints but then complain & bitch when a kid & his family is making a name for themselves & trying to grow their own brand,” The Game wrote.

You can’t argue with that. But then Game takes it a step further, drawing a pointed comparison to buying Jordans. “MJ, as much as I love & support him & his legacy ain’t really ever did much for the black community other then tax our mothafuckin’ ass for the same shoes over & over as well as charge these kids parents hella money to get in these camps no hate.”

That’s where The Game’s logic stops adding up. Where, in any of the countless interviews LaVar Ball has given, has he promised to do anything for the black community, either? When did Ball outline plans to do anything with ZO2 proceeds other than take them to the bank—just like Mike. I haven’t heard LaVar say “Black Lives Matter” any more than I’ve heard Michael Jordan say it; in other words, supporting one self-interested business owner over another is a matter of personal economics rather than a social statement.

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